Young Doks: Do Or Die

Work in Progress-Talk

Two billionaire brothers buy themselves into an island in the English Channel, where the 600 inhabitants have, until recently, lived in harmony with their natural surroundings, while exhibiting a strong sense of community. Their plan is to turn the island into a luxury holiday resort and challenge the lifestyle of the islanders. A battle commences that will split the local community and unleash a global conflict on an idyllic peripheral setting. The Brothers remain spectres throughout the film, never entering the field of battle in person. The story is conveyed by the people of the small island, who are being confronted with invasion and change. What began as a unified response to an attack from outside forces, however, has now developed into an internal conflict, splitting the local community into rival factions. It remains to be seen who will gain the upper hand.

_ Bettina Borgfeld (Director)
_ Thomas Tielsch (Producer)
_ Jutta Krug (Commissioning Editor)

Bettina Borgfeld
Bettina Borgfeld
Commissioning Editor
Jutta Krug
Thomas Tielsch
Mechthild Barth
Marcus Winterbauer, Börres Weiffenbach, Lars Barthel