Cologne Clip Award – Powered by Netcologne

Creativity was called for when, in the run-up to the festival, the Film Festival Cologne and NetCologne invited contributions from anyone in the shape of personal, unique clips about street culture. Any ideas were welcome, no limits were imposed. The urban street culture happening in Cologne every day has become so multi-faceted in recent years that the time has come to also take it to another platform. Soon-to-be clip producers were called upon to submit documentary, experimental, or animation material showing how people in Cologne experience their city, what makes urban Cologne so one-of-a-kind, and the diversity of things and issues people in the city on the Rhine identify with. In this Festival week, three winners will be awarded a cash prize of 1.000 EUR each. The winner of the Cologne Clip Award 2016 are:

Director: Roman Stricker

Director: Paulina Stein

Director: Tristan Crampe


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