Program Submission

Submissions for the 28th Film Festival Cologne can be made until June 30th 2018. Later entries can be accepted in exceptional cases only and need to be discussed in advance. For submissions please use the festival’s entry form on this website only. In case the entry form can’t be displayed correctly, use this link.

For detailed information on terms and regulations please notice our statute.

The most important regulations for program submissions in brief:

_short films under 45 minutes are ineligable for submission
_year of completion must be 2017 or newer
_no theatrical release, broadcast or online release in Germany before Film Festival Cologne’s commencement (Oct 5th 2018)
_potential German, Europe and Wold premieres will be considered preferred
_selection considers theatrical, TV movies, TV series, mini series, documentaries as well as transmedia and innovative projects

If you have further questions regarding submissions please contact Johannes Hensen.