Das Kalte Herz

Feature Film | DE 2016 | 118’ | German OV

Once upon a time… Peter, the poor son of a charcoal burner fell hopelessly in love with Lisbeth, the daughter of a glassblower. But to reach her social status he has to turn to the old spirits in the woods – and has to sell his own heart to the dangerous undead Hollandermichel. And although his dreams of financial riches and social status come true, this pact doesn’t go well for long… Author and director Johannes Naber and his team prove their courage in two aspects: Firstly, as the German fairy tale film, which used to be a proud tradition both in East and West, has not seen any revival for decades now. And secondly, since the 1950 of the same Hauff fairy tale, which was filmed in Babelsberg just like this new version, is considered a national treasure. But thanks to a new take on the critique on capitalism and society in the original tale, thanks to smart and restrained performances and thanks to a remarkable atmosphere caught between nostalgia, natural mysticism and uncanny horror, this new adaptation is a complete delight.

Johannes Naber
Frederick Lau, Milan Peschel, Moritz Bleibtreu, Henriette Confurius, Sebastian Blomberg
Christian Zipperle , Johannes Naber
Christoph Fisser, Henning Molfenter, Steffen Reuter, Charlie Woebcken
Pascal Schmit
André Zacher

Domestic Sales

Weltkino Filmverleih
Kapellenweg 3
82340 Feldafing

Selected filmography Johannes Naber