The Land of the Enlightened

Documentary | AF, BE, DE, IR, NL 2016 | 87‘ | OV with engl. subs

Majestic mountain ranges, snow-covered plateaus, fields rife with red poppies – the beauty of Afghanistan is a stark contrast to the decades of war that have ravaged this country. A startlingly poetic film, THE LAND OF THE ENLIGHTENED reflects these contrary realities in the mix of innocence and cold-blooded determination of a group of children who survive by any means in a hostile environment. Belgian photographer and filmmaker Pieter-Jan De Pue repeatedly blurs the boundaries between documentary and fiction, legend and reality. The band of kids is contrasted with American soldiers in a mountain base who seem far less up to the realities on the ground as the war-hardened children. The spectacular images were captured with a Super 16 camera over a period of seven years. Winner of the World Cinema Award for documentary film at Sundance. Pieter-Jan De Pue received the phoenix Preis 2016.

Pieter-Jan De Pue
Gholam Nasir, Khyrgyz Baj, Koko Ewas, Koko Mullalih
Pieter-Jan De Pue, David Dusa
Bart Van Langendonck, Christian Beetz
Pieter-Jan De Pue
Stijn Deconinck, David Dusa
Henk Rabau

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